Guitar Amplifiers and Effects Pedal Repairs and Servicing

Amplifiers - Guitar and Bass 

Repairs, servicing and modification of Vintage and Modern Guitar Amplifiers:

  • Tube amps
  • Solid State Amps
  • Hybrid Amps


Power Supply conversion - Imported a sweet Fender from the US?


Re-caps (if it's required and not because some forum guy said so)


Fault-finding, finding faults, troubleshooting and shooting trouble. If your amp once sounded awesome but is now lacking, it can be regal once more.


We investigate, find the problem and fix it. We never throw parts at a problem until it's solved.

 Trust me.......that's what some "techs" do. It wastes time and costs YOU money - unnecessarily.


Simply................. we fix your amp so you can crank it!

Effects Pedals

Repairs and Servicing of Guitar Effects Pedals

Get in touch if your favourite pedal:

  • Doesn't work
  • Has a broken knob
  • Has a broken switch
  • Has a broken jack
  • Is noisy - popping, hissing

Amp, Pedal and Guitar Parts

In the market for:

  • Some new tubes - Preamp, Power, Rectifier, NOS
  • Some specialty / vintage capacitors - Mallory, Sprague, F&T,
  • Resistors - carbon comp, metal oxide


YOU name it - WE'LL get it


Low overheads = Great prices on all guitar amplifiers and effects pedals parts

Always happy to answer questions.

Email me for any and all of the below

·   You want to get an idea of what's wrong with your guitar amplifier or effects pedal

·   You want to try some of your own trouble shooting first

·   You're trying to chase down some parts for an amp or pedal build

·   You want to discuss some schematics - always fun!